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Welcome to One Stop Adult Shop, proudly Australian owned and operated. One of Australia's leading discount online adult stores, we've been supplying the largest range of quality sex toys since 1998. As an online-only store we can offer some great deals and prices on a massive range of products as well as offer 110% discreet delivery. We make it easy to find the products you need as well as the right advice without having to visit a bricks and mortar adult shop which some people find embarrassing. Also it doesn't matter where you live in Australia, we will deliver it to your door saving you time and money.

We have spent a lot of time making your shopping experience the best it can be. We always try to get the highest resolution images available and the most accurate and complete description for each product to help you decide which products are best for you. We've also set up buying guides with lots of information on each category to help explain the features and benefits as well as answer commonly asked questions. We also show accurate reviews from customers and welcome all new customers to leave their honest reviews after they have used their products, it is informative and helps others. We also show product ratings to help show which products come recommended from other shoppers. With a large warehouse with thousands of products and more arriving daily we always have the latest and greatest adult toys at extremely competitive pricing. If you are looking for something in particular which we don't stock please contact us and one of our friendly staff will help you, as well as try to source it and order it in! We pride ourselves on having the highest level of customer service and are always here to help you with any questions or concerns before and after you purchase. We're used to answering customer questions so don't feel shy, our professional staff will look after you and ensure your needs are catered for in a professional manner. If you would prefer to speak with someone rather than order online we also offer a phone order service where you can just order over the phone. Call us today on (07) 5456 2969.

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Female sex toys

Women have a large range of sex toys to choose from, often confusing many women. Female products can be broken up into several different categories, as show below. In this short segment, we will explore the different female sex toy categories, helping you narrow down the selection process. For women that want to substitute the touch of a man, a dildo is an excellent alternative. Dildos come in many different shapes and sized. The Ella dildo from Lelo is a non-phallic, non-vibrating g-spot massager that is perfect for women that do not need a phallic shaped dildo. For women that enjoy the complex, stimulating feel of a phallic-shape dildo, OneStopAdultShop has an array to choose from.


vibrators category image

Vibrators are the most commonly purchased sex toy in the world. These magnificent devices were originally invented to help women with Hysteria, a problem that could only be solved by massaging the vagina. Vibrators come in several exciting shapes, sizes and colours.

The most common types of vibrators are G-spot, clitoris and rabbit style vibrators. The rabbit style vibrator has been designed to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, often producing intense orgasms. While pondering the wide array of vibrators that are available, spare a thought for the women of India, Malaysia and parts of America where vibrators are still illegal.

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Duo Balls

After featuring in the hit trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, duo balls have become a bedroom name. Also known as Ben Wa Balls, or geisha balls, these often small balls will help train your Kegel muscles.

After inserting the balls into your vagina, your Kegel muscles will automatically tense, holding the balls in place. It is this tensing action automatically performed by your Kegel muscles that can help increase the strength of your pelvic floor. Ben Wa Balls come in several different sizes and weights. The duo balls that you choose will depend upon your current pelvic floor strength.

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Strap-ons are toys worth sharing. Often used by lesbian couples, the strap-on has evolved into many different forms. From a harness to a phallic-shaped dildo, to the Feeldoe, a strapless strap-on that can be enjoyed by both partners.

The Feeldoe features an oval shaped ball at one end that is inserted into one partner’s vagina. At the opposite end is a shaft that she can use to penetrate her partner. Because of its strapless nature, the Feeldoe is said to be more comfortable and pleasurable than a traditional strap-on. OneStopAdultShop stocks traditional strap-ons for women that like the security of a harness.

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Bullet and egg vibrators

Most women love clitoris and G-spot stimulation, therefore, most women love bullets and eggs. A bullet vibrator gets its name from being straight up and down, often with a slightly pointed tip. The tip of the vibrator is used for directly stimulating her clitoris and its surrounding areas.

The small, discreet nature of bullet vibrators makes them perfect for an accessory to your existing collection, or the first addition. Egg vibrators are designed to be in an egg shape, allowing them to be easily inserted into her vagina, stimulating her G-spot. A good quality egg vibrator will come with a wireless remote control.

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Fetish gear

For those that are a little more adventurous, the fetish category has an assortment of treasures. Sexual fetishism, also known as erotic fetishism is the focus on non-living objects, or non-genital body parts for sexual pleasure. In practice, those who enjoy expressing their sexual fetish use sex toys to aid in sexual pleasure. Fetishes come in many different shapes and sizes, with ever individual’s desires slightly different to the next. To cater for this large diversity in desires, OneStopAdultShop stocks a large range of fetish related products. The fetish category is broken down into several different sub-categories, making it easier for you to find exactly what it is that you desire. For those that are new to fetish play and want to experiment, the best way to see what excites you is to browse through the different products and imagine using each one for yourself. Fetish play is best enjoyed with a partner, or several. However, many products are fun and safe to be used in a solo setting.


Erotic electrostimulation sex toys

Erotic electrostimulation is the art of stimulating sensitive nerve endings with electricity. While this may seem unpleasant, or even painful, it can be extremely pleasurable. The body sends electrical signals from your skin to your brain, telling you that you have been touched. When the nerve endings in your genitals send these signals, your brain is told to feel pleasure.

By stimulating the nerve endings in your genitals, or other sensitive areas of your body, you are sending strong signals to your brain telling, telling it that you’ve been stimulated. The result is an intense sense of pleasure.

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Whips and Paddles

Buy whips and paddles

Whips and paddles are used for sexual stimulation for several reasons. The first reason is control. Many relationships like to have a dominate partner and a submissive partner. By inflicting a consensual submissive with pain, both partners are adhering to their role in sub-dom relationship. Whips and paddles are also found extremely exciting, even by those that are not are not in a sub-dom relationship.

Inflicting yourself or your partner with a sharp, intense pain can be extremely pleasurable. It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain and in the heat of the moment, the line becomes blurred.

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Sex Machines

Australia best sex machines

While some enjoy small, delicate sex toys, others prefer the heavy duty machinery. The unprecedented range of sex machines available at OneStopAdultShop is a tempting treat for any machine-curious person. The range includes small, hand-held machines, all the way up to the 300 RPM monster sex machines.

With a site-wide 30% discount on all products, we are sure to be able to provide you with the best prices equipment in Australia. Shop around if you wish, but make sure you bookmark OneStopAdultShop because you will be back. Our range and prices of sex machines cannot be matched by anyone else in Australia.

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Male sex toys

Men have had the pleasure of enjoying sex toys for many years. The evolution of male sex toys has gifted us with a range that we could have only dreamt about. This vast array of different products could mean that men struggle with making a decision. This small section has been designed to help make your decision about male sex toys even easier. The product or products you choose will depend completely on what you intend on using the product for. The male body is a playground of sensitive nerves that when stimulated can provide him with intense pleasure. Through this journey of the common male sex toys, you should learn about the parts of his body that provide pleasure and what toys can assist with stimulating that area.

Masturbation sleeves

The most important part of a man’s body is his penis. This undeniable fact is further reinforced by the number of men around the world that use a masturbator on a regular basis. A man’s penis is filled with sensitive nerve endings that when stimulated, produce arousal and climax.

A masturbator is a soft sleeve that allows him to stroke his penis. Masturbation sleeves come in many different types, with the Fleshlight being the most common. The Fleshlight is a realistic masturbation sleeve that comes in a hard plastic case. OneStopAdultShop has the whole Fleshlight collection for your pleasure.

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Penis Pumps

Again, a man’s penis is an extremely important part of his life. When his penis isn’t performing to a high standard, a man can use a penis pump. A penis pump can be used as a drug-free way to treat erectile dysfunction, or to help a man increase the size of his penis.

Pumping his penis will force the two main blood vessels to fill with blood, stretching the tissue around the penis. It’s this forced entry of blood that causes an erection and overtime, a noticeable size increase. FACT: For every year a man remains flaccid, he loses an inch in overall penis size.

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Its commonly known that the longer a man prolongs his orgasm, the more intense it is. Prolonging your orgasm can be difficult; it requires practice and training, or a cockring. By reducing the blood flow from a man’s penis, he will be able to prolong his orgasm and hold a thicker, more succulent erection for longer.

Cockrings are ideal for men that use a penis pump for erectile dysfunction, simply slide the ring down the penis after pumping. Many cockrings come with vibrators on the top, stimulating his partner’s clitoris during intercourse, providing even more pleasure to both him and her.

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Sex Dolls

When a masturbation sleeve just won’t cut it, or you have a bucks night to attend, a sex doll is your perfect sex toy. Dolls come in many different forms, from the gag-gift blow-up dolls to realistic, full-frame, life-like dolls. In between are the blow-up dolls that have a realistic masturbation sleeve for the pussy and anus, making your penetration extremely realistic.

These hybrid dolls are the most commonly purchase for their reasonable price and pleasurable penetration value. OneStopAdultShop has a wide range of sex dolls, from the most realistic to party gags and everything in between.

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Male strap-ons

Male strap-ons serve one of two purposes, to increase the size of a man’s penis, or allow him to double penetrate a woman. Strap-ons that are designed to increase a man’s penis size can also help to inhibit his ability to climax. This is particularity advantageous for men that want to allow his partner to climax before he does.

Strap-ons designed for double penetration will provide a dildo above the man’s penis, allowing him to penetrate her anus while simultaneously penetrating her vagina. All male strap-ons are made from 100% body-safe materials and are approximate for both vaginal and anal penetration.

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Anal toys

Men have been gifted with a prostate, an extremely sensitive gland located inside his anus. When massaged, the prostate can produce extremely powerful orgasms. Anal toys come in several different forms, including prostate massagers. Both men and women can enjoy a good quality anal toy as the anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings.

Along with prostate massagers, butt plugs are the most common anal toy available. A butt plug is inserted into the anus and held in place by the skinny neck. Before using anal toy, make sure you use a high quality lubricant and are sufficiently aroused before insertion.

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In 2012 Medicare spent $36 million on penis pumps, up from $7.2 million in 2000. Using a Penis Pump is an excellent alternative treatment to pills and surgery for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Irwin Goldstein, MD and director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, California explained how the devices can be used for several treatments, such as ED. The pump forces blood to rush to the penis by opening the artery that lets the blood flow into the penis. A ring can be then placed at the base of the penis to prolong the erection.