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Using A Penis Pump to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Posted Wednesday, June 03, 2015

In 2012 Medicare spent $36 million on penis pumps, up from $7.2 million in 2000. Using a Penis Pump is an excellent alternative treatment to pills and surgery for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Irwin Goldstein, MD and director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, California explained how the devices can be used for several treatments, such as ED. The pump forces blood to rush to the penis by opening the artery that lets the blood flow into the penis. A ring can be then placed at the base of the penis to prolong the erection. Despite the medical uses for penis pumps, many OneStopAdultShop pump purchasers report using the pump for sexual excitement.

How to use a Penis Pump
Using a penis pump is extremely easy. There are two main types of pumps, water and air. They both work in a similar way but they have obvious differences… one uses water pressure and one uses air pressure. Insert your flaccid, or soft penis into the end of the tube with the wide opening. Make a tight seal between your body and the rubber seal on the pump. begin to pump the air out of the tube, a vacuum will begin to form. As the air leaves and creates empty space, something must fill the space, in this case its your penis. As your penis is forced to expand, blood is sucked in and you will get an erection.

Using the pump over long periods of time, can increase your penis size. This works because the extra blood in your penis forced the cells to expand, creating gaps between them. Over time your body will adapt to the expansion by adding new cells to your penis, resulting in more girth and length. As you start to get bigger, you can increase the intensity of the vacuum, resulting in an even bigger penis. Genital training is much like weight training, as your force blood into your muscles they expand and grow.

Choosing a pump
Choosing a penis pump is fun and easy. There are many pumps available that will suit most budgets. If you want to spend a little extra, you can purchase a pump such as the Handsome Up 2, which is endorsed by men’s health professionals. There are also pumps that provide the basic functionality from as little as $20.

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