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Strawberries & Whipped Cream Tantric Natural Massage Oil Soy Candle

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Product Description

The sensual warm massage oil candles create a heavenly experience by stimulating and soothing your bodily senses, creating a unique and erotic experience for both yourself and your lover

Completely handcrafted by The Kinky Scientist at her lab in Adelaide, South Australia; you can be assured that these candles will provide you with hours of fun with your partner or friend. Infused with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil you will be amazed by the erotic feel of having the warm massage oil poured down your body and massaged in.

Strawberries & Whipped Cream is our best seller. Strawberries are best served with whipped cream behind a locked bedroom door. The combination of the warm and inviting oils upon the body, as well as the enchanting infused fragrances will fill the room and awaken your most passionate desires.

To Use:

Light the wick and place the candle somewhere safe to burn for approximately 15-20 minutes. This will fill the air with your chosen fragrance; and then blow out the flame, and tip the warm oil straight on the body; and gently massage in. This massage experience is like no other!

You may choose to forgo the flame and simply spoon or scoop the soft wax from the container and apply directly to the skin, but the gentle warmth from the candle is highly recommended to ensure you receive the most pleasure and sensual experience! The intoxicating scent from the candles and the act of massage will ensure you’re always in the mood to lustfully explore and discover each other’s bodies; and ignite your inner passion!

Burn Time: Approx 30 hours

Infused with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil

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Strawberries & Whipped Cream Tantric Natural Massage Oil Soy Candle


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