ColorPop Big O (Green)

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The ColorPoP Big O is a vibrant version of our top-selling Big O vibrating cock ring featuring fun neon hues to brighten up your sex life! The Big O is the perfect couples sex toy for first-time users or anyone curious to try their very first cock ring – it’s easy to use, fun to try, and packs enough power to help couples come together! Simply stretch the ring around the base of the penis and testicles – it will feel nice and snug – with the vibrating motor on top and switch it on for instant vibration! This unique motor buzzes at three speeds plus a pulsation function for teasing foreplay and helps women get closer to orgasm with every stroke! The ColorPoP Big O gives men a quick “boost” in the boner department and women pleasant clitoral stimulation, all in a compact and colorful package that will leave you beaming with vibrant vibration! Features 4-function motor: 3 speeds + pulse Powerful vibration for essential clitoral stimulation Stretchy, snug erection ring Available in 2 colors: hot pink and neon green Excellent option for first-time cock ring users