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Duo Balls

Duo Balls, also known as Ben-Wa Balls, Geisha balls or orgasm balls are balls that are inserted into the vagina to stimulate or improve the pelvic floor muscles. Most Duo balls have a weighted smaller ball inside them, so that as the person moves, the balls move around inside giving a small amount of stimulation or vibration. The Duo Balls are held internally by the Kegel muscles, which can help strengthen those muscles which can lead to better orgasms, plus assist with women who experience incontinence issues. Some women use Duo Balls to stimulate them so as to get them in the mood for sex later with their partner. Most Duo Balls have a string joining both balls and a string for removal. Duo Balls have been used for centuries in Asian cultures and have been brought into popular use today with the mention of them in the popular 50 Shades of Grey novel.

Many factors can weaken the pelvic floor in women, such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging and weight gain. The pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels Duo balls are a fantastic way to keep your pelvic floor in shape.

Choosing the right duo balls for you
Choosing the right Duo balls may seem a bit daunting if you have never used them before. We offer a range of duo balls with adjustable weights, or sets of two, that allow you to start with a lower weight and build yourself up as your pelvic floor gets stronger over time. For example the lelo Luna beads come with four balls, two of each weight. The different weights can be used in a number of different combinations as your pelvic floor muscles gain strength. These sets are ideal for beginners, as they will allow the user to use the same set for several difference strength deviations.

If you are unsure what size is right for you, we recommend that mature women or women who have experienced child birth look towards Medium to Large sized duo balls; where is if you are yet to experience child birth or are a young women we suggest the smaller duo balls.

Duo balls are great if you have a busy schedule, you can put them in whilst you go about daily chores, For those who would like to partake in focused Kegel exercises, here is an example of just one of the many techniques

  • Insert the Ben-Wa balls, you may choose to use lubricant.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable, either by sitting in a chair or laying on the floor, if you are laying down your back and neck should flat on the ground and your arms at your sides with your knees up and together.
  • Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds, if you are just starting out and are finding 5 seconds is to long please only squeeze for 2-3 seconds as you do not want to strain yourself.
  • Relax your muscles for 10 seconds, than repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Whilst laying down concentrate on tightening your pelvic floor muscles, your kegel exercises should focus on these muscles only, try to isolate these muscles and avoid flexing other muscles in that area such as your buttocks or abdomen, if you are having trouble isolating the muscles focus on your breathing, another way to keep your muscles relaxed is by placing your hand on your stomach to keep our stomach muscles relaxed.
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