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Beginners Anal Toys

Beginners Anal Toys are for those who want to start experimenting with anal play. Anal play is an exciting sexual pastime which has been around for centuries and enjoyed by both men and women. At the moment anal play is a mainstream sexual practice as it features in just about all of modern pornography. For those wanting to start with anal play a toy from this selection will get you started on your way to enjoying anal pleasure. The key to anal pleasure is to take your time, relax and use plenty of lubricant. Once you are sufficiently lubed up and relaxed choosing a slim toy to begin with is ideal. This allows you to get used to the strange sensations and let your anal sphincter get used to being stretched. Anal beads or a slim butt plug are perfect for this. Once you are comfortable with these kinds of toys and you are still keen to further your anal exploration then you can move onto an anal training kit, these kits feature a range of butt plugs starting from smaller up to a larger one and give you time to work your way up through each size. These kits are great for anal fun or a build up to anal sex allowing your body to get comfortable and aroused.

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