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Anal Beads

Anal beads are an anal sex toy that consists of a series of beads. The beads usually get larger as you move up the length. The beads at the end are smaller to help you insert them into you anus. Anal beads are designed to produce pleasure to the opening of the anus. This can be achieved by inserting them into your anus and slowly removing them. As you get towards the end of the length, insert the beads again and repeat the process. Anal beads will usually have a small ring at the end that will allow the user too easily insert and remove the beads.

Choosing your beads
Anal beads come in a variety of materials and sizes. The most common anal bead material is silicone, however many beads are made with ABS and PVC. All of these materials are completely body safe and free from harmful chemicals. When using silicone sex toys, make sure you always use a water-based lubricant. Using a silicone based lubricant can damage the toy. OneStopAdultShop has anal beads that range from a starting bead with a diameter of 25 mm to a starting bead of 125 mm. The size and style of the anal bead that you choose will depend on your experience with anal toys and anal play. For more experienced users, the larger beads can be more pleasurable. However, if you are a new to anal play, the thinner beads will be a more suitable option. Anal beads are not designed to produce the full anus feeling, so if that is something you prefer a butt plug may be a better option.

Who uses them?
Anal beads are often used by both men and women and are not limited by sexual orientations. The feeling of anus stimulation is enjoyed by many people, not just those that anal play is commonly attributed too. Men are lucky enough to have a prostate, as well as a series of nerve endings around the anus. By sliding the length of beads in and then out, you will stimulate these nerve endings and the result will be intense pleasure. While women do not have a prostate, they do have the nerve endings that surround both the inside and outside of the anus. Most anal beads are designed for pleasure; however several new variations are designed to train the pelvis floor muscles. Much like Duo Balls, the anal beads are held into place automatically by your sphincter muscles. To hold the beads into place, your sphincter muscles will be tensing and as a result, they will become stronger. The benefits from a strong pelvic floor are well documented and anal beads can help both genders.

All toys sold one OneStopAdultShop are completely safe to use for their intended purpose. We only sell products that are made from materials that are known to be safe to be in contact with your skin. However, we cannot control what happens in your bedroom so please take proper precautions when using sex toys, especially anal toys. Always use a generous amount of lubricant and when using silicone sex toys make sure you use a water-based lubricant. Silicone toys can be boiled after the fun for a complete sterilisation. If you’re using anal toys with a friend, make sure you either boil your toys or use a condom to guarantee your safety and the safety of your partner. Anal play can be extremely fun and satisfying, but we urge you to take the proper precautions.

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